To help make the process as simple and efficient as possible, I usually work from photographs. The higher quality the image(s) the better, but nothing should be ruled out if it's the painting you want. It's difficult to put an exact timeframe and cost on the work before we've had an initial discussion about what's required, but the information below, will I hope, act as a guide.

For example, a 46 x 35.5 cm (18 x 14") portrait - head and shoulders - in oil on a wood panel, would cost around £300. I take a 50% deposit to begin, and the rest upon completion.

It should take around a month to complete.

Delivery and framing

Two other variables would be shipping and framing costs. All work is professionally packaged and shipped on a 24 or 48 hr service. For delivery outside the UK mainland this may vary, and I can easily find a quote for you.

Framing is very subjective, and you may know exactly what you want, or decide to leave it to me, or actually to take delivery of the work and have a think about it. A painting on stretched canvas or linen (where the material is stretched over a wooden frame) can look lovely on the wall without a frame around it, and initially you may want to go with this. Work on wood panels is a bit more tricky to hang without some sort of frame around. There's always an answer, and together we'll find it!

Lastly, on the subject of photographic source material I mentioned above. I will be able to make a painting from the image you have in mind. The better quality the image in terms of lighting, colour, contrast, exposure etc the easier it will be to use, and I will always return the images to you. Where it's needed, required, or wanted, I can travel to take the photographs myself, and have done so on numerous occasions. And conversely, you are welcome to come to the studio in Wiltshire to allow me to take some photos there.

So there are a few things that need to be clarified before a commission is started, but on the whole, it's a simple process, and I certainly mean for it to be an enjoyable one for the client.